Helpful Links 

Here are links to some pages I have found, that will hopefully be able to help you.

The Dystonia Society, which is based in London but runs groups up and down the country.

Dr Stones website
, he is based and works in Scotland Hospitals.

Carers and disability benefits – including PIP (old DLA) – GOV.UK
This link gives a full list of links, for all sorts of benefits you may find of help.

Citizens Advice Bureau – the charity for your community

This link will help you find your nearest bureau. They offer help with any problems you may have by providing free, independent and confidential advice, and by influencing policymakers, or help with form filling.

The Disability Law Service

Run by and for disabled people DLS is a registered national charity. They have provided high quality information and advice to disabled and Deaf people for over 30 years

Non-Epileptic Attacks

Run by a group of healthcare professionals, interested in developing effective treatments for non-epileptic attacks. The group consists of Neurologists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

I hope these sites are helpful to you all, at least in some small way.

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