Hospital & Medical Sites That Give Information On FMD / FND 


Of course firstly, there is my own website I built to help people when I couldn’t find enough information for myself in the beginning. It is all written from a patients view point, so for clarity I am not a medical person.

I have worked in hospitals, and also taken a course in : “Information On Clinical Neurology” Which was very interesting and insightful, it just helped me to understand more from a neurological view point. Anyway, I hope my site helps you too.

Here is a link to another site, that gives loads of information on FMD/FND.

This is on a hospital website, that have used information from studying thousands of patients they have seen in their own Neurology departments.

They say that an average of a quarter of their patients, are diagnosed with our disorder.

This is from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, I hope it is another place that can help you.

Also as I’ve mentioned many times before, and shared in the links section page. Don’t forget there is Dr Stones website. He is based in Scotland and studies his patients in the hospital where he works.

Dr Stones site gives invaluable information, it was the site that helped me start to understand my movement problems in the beginning.

These three sites, will give you lots of information all based on a large number of patients.

I hope they help you, thanks for reading folks and as always, take care of yourself 🙂 

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