Hi and welcome, here’s a bit about me!

Hi I have a bit of everything, it moves around but I have spasms constantly in my legs and back and neck. I also have cervical Dystonia and Hemifacial spasms which I have Botox for both. I have mostly left sided weakness and spasms, but I have it in my right side as well now but it is not as bad as my left side yet and hopefully it never will get as bad touch wood! I also have a lot of inner problems, bladder and bowel, which have gone on for years. Additionally, I have NEAD non epileptic attack disorder though we think I may have epilepsy as well but they have to catch the electrical signals while you are wired up. I have Chronic Pain Syndrome, and also Sleep Disorder. As I said, I have a bit of everything.

Plus my back has degenerating discs, which give me terrible pain and I have injections to help. I really need another now, as the injection only worked for two months so I’m hoping the pain clinic will look at getting me on the list for another injection and soon! 🙁 My Doctor also thinks I have Fibromyalgia but I’m already on all meds he could give to help me, in fact I’m on more as I even take morphine for my back!

As my Neurologists write, “I am a complicated patient”!

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