The Covid Injection

At the end of February, I went to have my first injection to protect against the Covid virus. It really knocked me out, I had a slight headache and I slept for about three days. Weirdly this week I lost all energy again, and have slept most of the week. I have had utterly no energy, and I really have slept all day and all night. I actually think I have become the real Sleeping Beauty, though it didn’t take a kiss to wake me back up, the pains in my back and the rest of my body did that, but hey I live with it.

I just wanted to let people know, not only from my experience but from friends and family experiences too. That you may get redness on your arm where you were injected. You may get a headache, you may feel achy in your joints, you may just feel run down, take some paracetamol, and rest.  If you have no energy and just want to sleep, that is okay, you will be fine afterward. So do not go kicking yourself thinking it’s bad, in fact, sleep is very good for the body so it can regenerate, but rest is always good. Whatever you feel, it does pass and then you will be fine, in fact, one of our Aunts had nothing happen to her at all, she was one of the lucky ones.

Always be kind to your body, you only get the one and it has to last. Take care folks, and catch up later x

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