Do you have neck pain? Could it possibly be Lymes Disease? 

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There are a great many symptoms shared by both Functional Movement Disorder and Lymes Disease which can easily be overlooked.
In this research, it tells of how it can effect the spine along with other areas.

Many aspects of Lyme disease are still not fully understood, including how exactly it causes neck pain and stiffness. However, it is thought that the primary bacteria of Lyme disease in the United States, Borrelia burgdorferi, can get into tendons, ligaments, muscles, intervertebral discs, blood vessels, and/or the linings of nerves—including in the neck—causing inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms.A great site, and a must read if you are unsure about your disorder. 

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Above picture credit to Google. This shows the actual sizes of the tick which can give us Lymes Disease. Amazing a thing so small, can do so much damage.

Once bitten by a tick (mostly these ticks are found in certain areas of America, but are now found her in the UK. Mostly I believe in Scotland, as there are many deer live there. Though they can be passed on from deer, but also dogs and other animals. Once bitten itcan take a few days, but you will see like a bulls eye shape appear on the skin in red, as this moves outwards from the bite. Not everyone notices the mark, especially if it is on their back. Below is a picture of how these bulls eye rash marks look on the skin.

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If you see a Bulls Eye Rash appear like any of these, you really do need to be seen by a Doctor immediately, to try and stop the problems you can get from Lymes.

I believe that the more information we learn about our disorder/s, then the better informed we can be when Drs ask us questions. As sadly Functional Movement Disorder really is not very well known about in the medical community, and definitely not in the whole world really. 
The more we can learn and pass along, the better! 😊👍
So here is the link to a great spinal site, about possible neck pain from Lymes Disease!

It may help one person, or hopefully many 👍

Thanks as always for reading folks 😊


  1. I have lyme disease.
    The transmission from tick to person is nearly instant.
    And it is in the entire northern hemisphere+Australia. Europe, continent of North America, Australia, and some countries in the Middle East and Africa are also affected.
    So much to write about it. Just dont trust the CDC, IDSA, RIVM etc, they dont share the full picture and sometimes even lie.

    1. Hi, I am sorry to hear you have Lymes Disease, it is not nice and the symptoms of Functional Movement Disorder are so similar, so I can sympathise.

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