Working Together With The Patient

It is great to read an article, where they talk about “working together with the patient”. 

Patients do have a voice, and they do Google their problems. So even if they may have picked up and stayed with the wrong medical diagnosis, it is better to be able to talk it through with the doctor and why they think this. Then go from there, and try to look at the symptoms the patients has, on a symptom by symptom view. 

Giving a person one diagnosis name to cover everything (even if it is right), the patients need to know that their doctors recognise that the disorder, does have individual symptoms and therefore problems. Then look at the individual problems, on their own basis.

This gives the patient a feeling of security, that they are being looked after and “treated” for all their problems. 
This article below shows the big step forward, of Doctor and patient collaboration. 
Working to the same goal, of making the patient live an easier and hopefully pain free life.

Collaborating with Patients in the Digital Information Age

February 19, 2014 By Tali Shenfield, PhD

Let’s hope this is the way forward, a future of doctors working with their patients. Not just telling the patient they have some disorder, but helping them work to understand their individual symptoms.

With the medical profession constantly advancing, I think we will be in safe hands. Psychologists have a big part to play in some patients recoveries. They work with your doctors who do the diagnosing, then the psychologist helps by letting you talk. 

Tell the Psychologist what problems you have, if you know, tell how they started. If not just talk, and along the way with the Psychologists help, you will hopefully get to an understanding of what your body is doing and why. 

Talking therapy has been looked down on in the UK, for many years. We always thought it was other countries that used them, that needed them. How wrong we are, you see, by talking you get out all your upset, your feelings. They tumble out, sometimes uncontrollably, and in there you will find you have lots you want to say but never knew. 

Talking therapy gives the release that so many people need, even if it is only that one session that is needed. That one session could be what turns your life on an axis, to the new point you want to start from.

Going to see the Psychologist, they talk to you, understand you, and work with you. They can help you get where you need to be, want to be, back to who you used to be. 

Or maybe even better!

 A you that has moved on, and wants for more!

A you that aims for more, and  becomes more!

A you that is happier, and has more understanding!

A you that even if there is still some debilitating situation, you can deal with it!

Stay happy folks, and thanks for reading 😊 X 

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