Hi folks!


Hi if you have taken a look in the last week, you will have noticed that my blog had disappeared. All my own fault, I messed up during having a bad head day. Whilst logging in to do a blog post, I forgot my password and blocked myself out!

i tried to get back in, had not backed my blog up since the first year and so have lost years of posts. May it be a lesson to my fellow bloggers, backup your databases! 🙁

I am so very, very lucky to have GREAT SITE HOSTS. I have to say a massive THANKS to “Cloud Nine Hosts”! 🙂




So here I am pretty much starting over, though I think once I have reset the sites look I may try to load the first years posts back on. I am umming and arrhing about whether to just start totally afresh. We will see.

Anyway, that’s how my blog stands at the moment. Sad and forlorn, a bit like myself really after having a day of seizures and head pulling from painful muscle spasms from my Dystonia.

I hope to catch up again soon, take care folks 🙂 x




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  1. sometimes it’s good to start a new life! 😉

    1. Sometimes it is, yes. 🙂

  2. Hi good to have you back 🙂 I’ve locked myself out of my own bank account before now, so I know the feeling well. We need to get the Mouse Cage on our computers to stop the icon wandering…………..damn tremor & involuntary hand movements……….makes life more interesting I guess & a good sense of humour works well too 🙂 Yes a change is as good as a rest or so it’s said & hope you are all having a better day today.

    1. Hi Tracey, thank you! Yes the mouse can be troublesome at times, though I only use the part where you have a pad part on the laptop and use a finger to move the mouse onscreen. I don’t actually use a plastic mouse device, but I can still have problems if my finger doesn’t move right or it spasms and moves off the pad.
      I was gutted to lose all the blog posts I’ve done over the years, but I think maybe it’s done me good. I don’t feel beholden to write something everyday anymore. In a way it has set me free, as there would be times I’d get upset from not knowing what to talk about each day.
      I did stop myself bit by bit, I started to just post the most relevant things happening. Just information I thought would be interesting to others.
      Now I don’t think of my blog much, I use my Facebook group or just my personal page to talk to others like myself.
      Plus, after setting up my http://www.FunctionalMovementDisorder.com website I thought I had done my bit for helping raise awareness, and having posted lots of information and advice. I’m pretty happy that I’ve helped a lot of people, and they have also helped me back along the way by building my self esteem back up.
      After I had lost everything, I could only go back up.
      Now I have eventually learnt, I have to take it a day at a time. Yes I will make a few plans, but it still depends on how my body and head are on the day. You just have to make sure that your friends and family understand this, a day at a time.
      Today isn’t great, I’m still extremely tired (I am always fatigued!) and my back is killing me. I’ve had to give in to one dose of morphine, and rest in the hope I get some energy back and feel better as soon as I can. Though again, as I live day by day, I also live hour by hour!
      Well this was a long post!
      I hope you are doing okay today too 🙂

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