Nov 25

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I am just too tired!

Sorry not posted much lately, but honestly I am just too tired.

Tired of the pains and the strain that comes with my disorders, physical and mentally.

I try my hardest to keep all areas of my life covered, do a bit of everything for everyone each day.

For my family and loved ones, taking care of them as they take care of me.

Building my website, to share the knowledge I have, and still am learning, in my journey of illness and disability.

To post on my personal, and Functional Facebook pages so people know I am still around.

Trying to catch up, to answer emails or reply to comments.

To try at the end of all this to find time for myself, and to post on my blog.

I originally promised myself that I would always blog every day, that if I could do nothing else in a day I would at least make it “my job to blog”.

Only I find it harder as each day goes by to do all the things I want, need, or aim to achieve.
I am tired, exhausted. With little energy some days to crawl out of bed, to keep my eyes open.

I haven’t been well this week, I am still on antibiotics for my chest infection. Also my left leg, is still driving me to insanity with its constant painful spasms that are now never ending. I am worried it is going to be like this for ever, pains through my back, buttock, thigh, back of knee joint and calf muscle. Screeeeeeeeam! That’s what I want to do at times, but I can’t so I hold and muffle my screams by biting my lips.

I see my doctor on Tuesday, I hope he will up my tablet dosage for the release of the muscle spasms. I live in hope.

I am going to bed now, to lay probably yet another night waiting for my tiredness to overcome the pains. Or otherwise just lay staring into the dark, as I do on many a night.

Night folks, I hope you have a good evening x

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