Jul 24

Back Pain and Mental Strain


I’m laid here on the sofa in so much pain, I can’t even single things out anymore! My head, my hands, my arms, my legs, my ear, my back! Sooooo much pain!? I was paralysed most of Tuesday morning, and really had to push myself to move. It seems to work by movement coming back …

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Jul 17

Introduction To Dystonia


The following link is to a Neurology site, that gives excellent information on explaining what Dystonia is. Along with the different types, and names of the areas affected in the body. Just great information for any Dystonia sufferers About Health – Introduction To Dystonia I hope it helps answer any questions people may have, and …

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Jul 11



If my Neuro Consultant could see me today, there would be no way he could question my spasms, my stiffness, my head pain, my excruciating pains everywhere in my body that my meds are just not touching! Ruined mine and one of the kids morning, as I got up and tried so hard but just …

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Jul 06



I don’t know where to begin, or how to put into words how I feel lately other than “Devastated”! I haven’t posted recently, because honestly it all just hurts too much to write about. So I’m sorry this is quite a long post, I just wanted to warn you I’ve had several appointments in the …

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Jun 03

Dystonia Meeting


Last Saturday I went to the Manchester Dystonia meeting, run by two ladies for “The Dystonia Society“. This meeting we had a gentleman who came to do a talk, who found through his career he got Focal Dystonia in his shoulder and elbow. His name is Jonathan Price. Jonathan was principal cellist for the Manchester …

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May 29

Neck X-Ray Results & Ongoing Pains!


So I’m back from the Doctors, and surprise my X-ray is normal. The plus is that it doesn’t show any arthritis which is what the Dr was looking for, even though I keep saying it’s the muscles!?!?! So she is going to forward the X-ray to my Neuro consultant, and write saying she thinks I …

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May 22

Just a photo to inspire


We have come this far, we just have to hold on and keep the fight in us alight. Check out the “FMD Awareness Week” at: www.functionalmovementdisorder.com Read the “Other Sufferers Stories”, we are all just holding in there, and all live such similar lives. Thanks as always for reading folks x

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May 19



Hi folks, I just want to ask if you can all help me to push and grow the MUCH NEEDED AWARENESS FOR THIS VERY LITTLE KNOWN ABOUT FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT DISORDER. If you can share it to your social media sites for your friends to see, then if they share it to their friends. Then maybe, …

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May 12

Painful Morning :(


I’m in a lot of back muscle and leg pain today, I took kids to their school friends birthday party yesterday. It was in a dance school, up three short sets of steps! I don’t know how I did it, but I got up for them. I got to sit on a sofa while there, …

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May 11

The Last Day Of Dystonia Awareness Week


It’s the last day of Dystonia Awareness Week today, so what better way than to share the new leaflets that the Dystonia Society has made for everyone to help understand more about the disorder. You can download the leaflets, print them off and share or leave some around in your Drs. Just go to their …

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