Jan 17

Just Coping Day To Day


I know I don’t post much lately, but honestly it would all be mostly a copy of last years blog. Going to my several different appointments, how I’m suffering in the several different ways I do due to my many different movement disorders. Dystonia, Functional Movement Disorder, Functional Disorder, Functional Dystonia, Movement Disorders, NEAD, Non …

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Dec 21

I Awoke Paralysed

Today didn’t start at all well for me, as for the first time in a while I woke paralysed. I could hardly move my legs, my body heavy, but my arms and hands didn’t move at all for quite a while. I don’t panic anymore, it only makes it worse for me and being paralysed …

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Dec 09

It’s Been A While!


Photo credit – Google pictures Hi guys, well it’s been a while since I’ve come up for air and blogged. Truth be told, I’ve been going through bad depression. When I’m like that honestly you DO NOT want to read my written rantings of page after page of my self doom, that you don’t care …

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Oct 24

Why Am I Crying?


I’m laid in the bedroom, away from all the noise of family. I’m removed to the relative quiet, in a space on my own. I don’t know what’s wrong, I came for an extra pain killer for my head. Then I laid down and cried, just cried! Tears rolling down my face unable to stop, …

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Oct 03

Brain Pain


I’m really not feeling that great, Every day I’ve no idea of my fate. I try to embrace all in life, Through whatever is to be my strife. But the pains in my brain, No one can see, or explain. I am left just to endure, Though I don’t think I can take anymore. I …

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Sep 10

Life! Honestly :(


Oh boy I am soooo tired! I had a really bad night last night, I had so many muscle spasms and terrible pain I hardly slept and was waking putting Piroxicam muscle gel on my back, arms, hands and legs!!! Yup in that much pain So hardly any sleep you would think I would catch …

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Aug 17

Night Seizures And Spasms! :(


  Okay, so by now you all know I suffer from a “Brain Disorder“, maybe a few! I  also suffer from seizures, I have included images of both “Focal Seizures”, and “Simple Partial Seizures”. I suffer from all of these, and it is no fun. My diagnosis has changed over the years, and I have …

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Aug 10

Today’s Head And Neck MRI Scan Outcome!


I am now sat resting, eating my chocolate bought for me by my man and watching television. I’m still a bit shook up from my seizures this morning, and still not feeling anywhere near a 100%. This morning, I went to have my “Head and Neck” MRI scans. I am shocked and saddened at how …

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Aug 06

Physiotherapy Appointment


Yesterday I went for my first Physiotherapy appointment at Tameside Hospital, I was seen by a Neurology Physiotherapist. She was great, a really nice lady and understanding. She made me feel at ease straight away, and didn’t have to ask me too many questions. She had already been sent loads of information from both my …

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Jul 31

Upcoming Physiotherapy


Next week I am going to Tameside hospital for Physiotherapy, for the first time in years. Yes, nobody in all this time has thought to offer me help with my walking issues!? Or any of my other Movement Disorders. I eventually asked my Dr for help, when I saw her I was going through a …

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