Apr 15

You never know what’s in store :)


Following an extremely bad night & only one & a half hours sleep. I went on to have what turned out to be a really good neuropsychologist appointment, feeling I have stepped forward slightly. Then taken out for a lovely lunch by my man, to an Italian restaurant we love called Pestos. Next we decided …

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Apr 15

Just Breathe….


It’s a good job, as this is mostly all I’ve done for the last two days. That’s in between holding my breath, to work through the pain…. Life can be tough living with Chronic Pain Syndrome, which I am diagnosed with alongside my Dystonia and Functional Movement Disorder. On top of which I also have …

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Apr 09

Parkinson’s Awareness Week 7th-13th April


I have Tremors , and certain movements similar to Parkinson’s. As my Functional Movement Disorder shares many symptoms from other movement disorders, I have much worse pains in my arms, hands, and legs now than I used to. Along with all the other symptoms I suffer from. The muscle spasms, dystonic movements, neck spasms, twists …

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Apr 08

Saturday Was A Great Dystonia Meeting!


Last Saturday I went to the “Emotional effects of living with a long term chronic condition (Dystonia)” meeting, at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester. I am very pleased that I did, as the workshop was extremely interesting. As I have Blepharospasm and Hemifacial Spasm Dystonia, alongside the involuntary muscle spasms I get through my …

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Apr 05

Emotional effects of living with a long term chronic condition (Dystonia)


I am getting ready to go to the Dystonia meeting, I just hope I am doing the right thing. I have been extremely ill this week, with new head pains, confusion, Dystonic storms and continued upset and tiredness all rolled into one. But I want to go Dystonia meeting, this is what it’s all about, …

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Apr 03



The only way to get this disorder noticed, is to raise as much awareness as possible. Both to the medical profession as well as the general public, just keep sharing and spreading the word! PLEASE SHARE, HELP GET DYSTONIA KNOWN AS MUCH AS PARKINSONS AND MS Thanks as always for reading folks, and take care …

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Apr 01

The Types Of Different Dystonias

There are many different “Types of Dystonia’s“, the diagram below shows the areas and names. Dystonia is a Neurological Condition, which makes the body have “Involuntary Muscle Spasms” and “Abnormal Body Positions” I suffer from this condition, I have the Blepharospasm Dystonia in my left eye. I also have Hemifacialspasms in the left side of …

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Mar 24

Live Life


One of my friends recently passed away, she has her funeral this week. I would like to dedicate this poem to her, she was a beautiful woman x. Live Life Life is for living today not tomorrow, For that day may not arrive and only bring sorrow. Don’t turn away from the sun on your …

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Mar 22


Sometimes my body is too tired to move, It stays laid in position and stuck in a groove. My arms and my legs hurt so much it’s hard to describe, Pain from muscle spasms, pains that give me surprise. I hurt from the top of my head to the souls of my feet, With no …

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Mar 20

Feeling Down

I’m laid watching television, but I just want to cry. I feel very down. I know I don’t post as much lately, that’s because I don’t get any better. I don’t want to post my woes all the time, but it seems that is how it is! My hands hurt from my Functional Movement Disorder, …

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